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Publications and papers submitted

  1. Punti elencoNEW Family Firms and Entrepreneurial Human Capital in the Process of Development (with M. R. Carillo and A. Zazzaro) [paper] (Submitted)

  1. Punti elencoRelative consumption and human capital accumulation, Economics Bullettin, 33 (2), 1091-1100 [paper]

  1. Punti elencoSocial inclusion and the emergence of development traps (submitted) [paper]

  1. Punti elencoGrowth and inequality effects on poverty reduction in Italy, Rivista Italiana degli Economisti, 2011, 2 (July), pp. 241-280 [link] [wp-version]

  1. Punti elencoTrappole migratorie: effetti dei vincoli creditizi e delle istituzioni sociali sull’accumulazione del capitale umano, in Carillo M. R. (ed.), Flussi Migratori e capitale umano: una prospettiva regionale, chapter 1, pp.33-55, Carocci, 2012, Rome, [English: Migration traps: the role of credit market imperfections and social institutions on human capital accumulation]

Working papers

  1. Punti elencoModern foundations of dual economy models, CRISEI Discussion Paper, 8.2012 [paper]

  1. Punti elencoIncome Distribution and Growth: A Critical Survey, Crisei Discussion Paper, 3.2012 [paper]

  1. Punti elencoPoor’s behaviour and inequality traps: the role of human capital, MPRA Working paper No. 14511, 2008 [paper]

Work in progress

  1. Punti elencoConspicuous leisure and economic growth (with M. R. Carillo)

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